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Digithon’s mini human centered design bootcamp in 20 minutes

To profile Cognizant as an intersting employer and graduating company I helped organise a part of the Digithon. It was a huge success with over 80% followup after the event.

My contribution was a 20 minutes bootcamp that I organised with my two colleagues Daniƫlle and Marcha (coincidentally also the former graduates that joined my course in 2018).

Through out the day we guided over 20 teams of 4 to 5 people through a high passed workshop where they were presented by a case and three assignments based on the Human Centered Design approach: empathic, story telling, using design tools, with an open mindset.

From this point on we gave this bootcamp to all new interns and students that join our company, or if they are curious about our approach of complex problems.