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Brunel 2017 – 2019

For the digital department of Brunel we started in 2017 a huge undertaking: changing the way people apply for a job. Any job. World wide. I helped land the pitch and was the conceptual and creative lead for this time.

Please note: this project is still going on, so until going live there are no visuals available. 

Brunel is a Dutch sourcing company of various industries through out the entire world. They’re the employer for over 12.000 people in mining, IT, construction, engineering, energy and much more.

Their USP to the employee market is: you’re not an independent hired gun, send to a client, but you’re a member of the Brunel family. Including care for your career. Similarly the clients don’t get bodies, but solutions to their needs.

There was one big challenge though: in a competitive market it’s hard to get people to apply, enter and commit to an employer. So we (Mirabeau) removed the barriers to apply and started sketching out an employee engagement ecosystem.

Brass tax: we went from a tedious partly offline days long application process to applying while waiting for the train to leave after you get on board (approx. 3 minutes).

After setting up this process we also rebooted the corporate website into a more flexible framework to build world wide, cloud based websites with the option to localise and optimise content.