About Peet

Hi, I‘m Peter Sneekes, a creative strategist, enterprise designer, research, published design, innovation expert, podcaster and speaker. I design, research, make and create proof of empathic, digital and physical solutions: a combination of digital, organization, culture, businesses, service and products. Most people also know me to be creative, illusive, catalyst of progression, a generalist and lateral thinker. I specialize in ethics & design/technology, behavioral economics, sustainable designs and innovation.

Based on research with people I have created strategies, digital products and services for the top 20 companies in the Netherlands. I use Enterprise Design and Human Centred Design to do so. The common outcome: better connect the needs and behavior of people with the strategy and goals of companies, great discussions about the possible future and fixing real problems.

Many of the results are innovative applications of design and digital technology. All of them improve the customer/ employee/ citizen experience. All of them are made with teams of domain experts, outliers, citizens, creatives and builders, varying from 2 to 400 people.

I have helped brands like Brunel, SNS Bank, KLM, ING, and many more top 20 brands in the Netherlands to create better, more empathetic and human centred services, products and experiences.

Peet Sneekes doing a Google Design Sprint

Since 1999 I’ve grown from a technical focussed builder to the digital creative that I’m now in a couple of functions in various companies like Mediamatic and Mirabeau. Mostly I’ve worked agency side, but in the function of creative I work often as an embedded employee.

So, what do you do?

I help people innovate their company and products through intrinsically valuable, fun and creativity driven ways to apply technology. 

I make innovation, experimenting and discovery interesting, valuable and fun again. That means: hitting the intrinsic value of an idea, creating an interesting story around it applying emerging technology and transforming it into a driver of energy, information and kindling for future projects, your organization and your clients. 

Want to get more ideas? Want to actually build them? Want to find out if you can actually make something worth while for people? In that case I’m your man! 

For the past decades I created things with my colleagues, friends and clients to improve the world of humans a little bit. I try to get a smile as a minimum while reaching for the ‘dent in the universe’. I like to do that with you!


For example: I’ve lead the rebuilding of SNSbank.nl to a more accessible and down to earth website and cocreated a digital strategy for DPA. I also provide many talks and articles for Mirabeau, myself and the foundation I cofounded with Astrid Poot: Lekker Samen Klooien (Tinkering Together).

Check out the menu of this website, to get a feel for the projects, articles and events I’ve had the privilege to participate in.

Skills: I’m still learning

Skills: I can ‘do’ some workshops, but I love getting my hands dirty and tinker ideas. I feel that’s a more profound way to find out how something might work, so just build it, touch it, cuddle it and dare to throw it away. Oh, did mention I’m also from the future?

Skills, for real now: holistic ideation, concepting, visualisation, minor strategy of top 10 financial and commerce companies (what’s strategy anyway?), building anything with bits, from talking chairs, via apps to dialogue bots, viral augmented reality and the occasional odd website. If anything: I like to get all up in your business model and see if we can make it better with plain old human centred design. 


Experience: pretty much massively improved the online presence of the top 5 dutch private, corporate and consumer banks, B2B companies, some commerce sites, tinkering and education with kids and large kids, publishing before blogs were a thing and created media before Adam Curry invented podcasting.

I’m focused, distracted, inspiring, critical and friendly.