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Running with scissors

“Running with scissors”, a perfect summary of innovation sometimes. You’re pushing the boundaries so hard it might break, people might get hurt. The fortunate thing is: you use the innovation mindset.

The innovation mindset is mindful: You are aware you might break stuff, people might get hurt and you are also aware that you will be distracted by the new terrain, the speed and the direction you’re going.

That’s why you -as a scissor runner- will make sure you move in a safe space, make sure that people in harms way are aware and that if you break sh*t, you are kind, caring and help to heal fast, learn and repeat, so you can start running again … like a lunatic … with scissors!

Hurray for people that run with scissors, so we don’t have to!

PS: Inspiration from Adam and Dave of the Podcast Index project, an initiative to make podcasting and its standards better, more interactive, more accessible and profitable for all players: producers, hosting, app makers and other contributors in the chain.