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Exceptional Industrial Design

I love industrial design! Specifically when people break conventions, create something unique and do it to perfection. teenage engineering is a company that has done this couple of times. They make synthesizers and other music and sound apparatus.

Their break through was the OP1, a tiny aluminium milled synthesizer with DJ sensibilities. A product made to jam and create on the fly. A true makers device with a user interface to match.

They also collaborated with IKEA with their outlandish FREKVENS ‘connect and combine’ speaker kits. All wonderful and playful ideas, made to create more wonderful ideas and experiences. To top the FREKVENS they made a unique take on connected speaker design in the luxury segment.

Anyway, it seems like they did it again with the TX-6, a device that looks like a tiny mixer, probably too small to be practical, but is it though?

To be frank, I probably won’t do the product justice if I would try to describe it here. It sure seems to be the next in line product, once again challenging the conventions, putting creativity in the hands of those who can afford it. In this case: like the OP-1, it’s tiny, complete and damn cute.

Price is the only decrement to the level of attention to their designs and creating things from the ground up: it’s expensive. I’m in a fortunate place to get a hands on experience and most of all: learn from the minds that created tools to free your mind.

What is your inspiration for creativity?

Check out their product page