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Mirabeau-Cognizant Makerspace and Innovation lab

As a design agency it’s important to drive innovation in the industry. We discovered new methods, applied new technologies and created experiments to try and illustrate the use of various cutting edge technologies. For Mirabeau I was the creative lead on the innovation lab until 2021, which entailed leading small teams to create concise and real applications of new technology.

The maker space was the place to work and show the experiments. The space was specifically build and equipped by the Mirabeau innovation team and the Cognizant Experience Design Team. In my time at the maker space we created projects on these topics:

  • Voice interfaces
  • Environmental Sensing
  • Face recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Emotion detection
  • Cognitive Services
  • Magic mirrors
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Automation

Make it work

One of the motto’s we’ve embraced between the teams of both Mirabeau and Cognizant is: make it work! Which means: show how the world would look like if these things are true. Those things are many times the application of a combination of various technologies, wrapped in a great design.

Our method

The method of our innovationlab and the use of the makerspace was to bring three things together: innovation, customers and our colleagues. As such we also posed that all our projects yielded at the least these items:

  • An interesting story to tell to the world, combined with loads of visual storytelling
  • Broaden the knowledge base of our colleagues and expand the fields of expertise beyond the web
  • Inspire our customers that visit the makerlab by showing tangible results and how we work
  • Spin off ready to go propositions to ensure the spread of new knowledge, products and services