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ARrrrr, Happy ‘Talk Like A Pirate’ day!

We love all kinds of excuses to explore and learn new design tools and technology. This year we took ‘Talk Like A Pirate’ day as an excuse to explore Apple’s new AR Kit, because you can’t talk like a pirate without AR(rrrr)!

Please note: This article was written by me, posted on the now defunct, the digital agency I was part of.

That’s why our visual designer Twan and mobile solution developer Graeham explored both the visual and technical power of iOS’s AR Kit and the iPhone X. After sniffing around and designing for a few days, we came up with this little ARrrr App. Unfortunately, our ARrrr App is not available in the App Store yet 😉. Watch the video to see how it works:

Discover like a pirate, innovate like a boss

Our goals for such a discovery project are to learn, experiment and then share what we have learned on our journey. Once we have ironed out the kinks of an idea and prototype, we translate our learnings in what we call ‘spin offs’. A spin-off is basically a ready-made project as a jumping board to start discovering together with our clients.

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AR is here to stay

With the introduction of the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and the iPhone Xr we see that AR is here to stay and will develop as an integral part of the everyday mobile experience. Samsung and other Android platforms are of course also in our developers view. Knowing the medium of AR inside out is one of our goals, so we can deliver the ultimate experience regardless of the device you prefer.

Findings and future

Like the fans of Apple probably already know: AR kit is a powerful tool to have a lot of fun with, but we also found interesting ‘business like’ applications. For example, our empathetic design research can now take another step to analyze face expressions, but also to enrich human centered experiences.

Think of the immersive experiences we can build! We already build beer recognition over a year ago, but now we can build the same in a few days, with higher fidelity, speed and more expression power.

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