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Art Project: contribution to SoundTransit binaural recordings

In my travels I have recorded various binaural recordings in Hongkong, New York and Amsterdam. These were contributed to a virtual travel website, an art project called SoundTransit.

Here’s a listing of my work:

Amsterdam, NLA short recording of Central Station in Amsterdam … An awesomely diverse place to record.29.10.200804:00
Amsterdam, NLOn the 13th of September 2008 it was monuments day in Amsterdam, a celebration of culture. On that day we found Dam square and the Rokin littered with at least 30 barrel organs (Draaiorgels in Dutch). We had no choice but to record a trip along the numerous organs.05.10.200802:12
New York, USNew York, Central Park, Jazz band enjoyed by the visitors to the park and in the background New York, the city22.03.200904:21
Amsterdam, NLYou’ve just finished a trip through the city of Amsterdam. Ready to unwind at home you park your bike in the basement of the appartment building and walk the route through the building to your home.10.10.200604:46
Chicago, Illinois, USWalking down the tracks, across the central hall to the outside.22.03.200901:56
Amsterdam, NLA late summer afternoon in the Vondelpark, the best known park in Amsterdam. You’ve just stopped on a crossing in the middle of the park to watch people going by and to enjoy the last few rays of sun.10.10.200604:42
Hong Kong, HKJust walking around on a street of Hong Kong. It’s really typical sound of Hong Kong.28.05.200703:12