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Easily purchasing tickets with Transavia’s new chatbot

The goal: To be where the customers are 
Leading airlines like Transavia, know that in order to remain competitive, they need to be where their customers are.

The challenge: Adopting cognitive services 
Through cognitive services, customers can interact with companies from their messenger platforms –something Transavia somehow must adopt.

Our approach: Exploring customer interaction
Finding the key points of value in customer interaction and combining them with click-based functions.

It’s amazing how fast technology develops, and fantastic how quickly we were able to turn it into a go-to-market product

Ines Verburgh – Innovation Lead Transavia

The result: Real added value for customers 
Real added value for customers, by having Transavia be where the customer is. Through its chatbot, customers can now request travel information and book plane tickets, effortless and direct, by text message.

The details: An on-going learning process 
While live, the Flight Search bot improves, based on real-time feedback and analytics. And through machine learning, the chatbot will learn from user interaction. By creating a dialogue with users, Transavia can watch its game-changing offering develop constantly and incessantly.

We knew that chatbots were the ‘next big thing’, and Mirabeau helped us see how to apply them to create real added value for Transavia’s customers.”

Ines Verburgh – Innovation Lead Transavia