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What the duck!? – We love rubberducking!

So many of you have seen Mirabeau’s photos of people with their blank rubber duckies, or even laying in a pool of rubber duckies?

We thought it might be fun to give blank rubber duckies to future Mirabeau’ers, as a gift! So we got 1000 of them πŸ˜€ With it, you can first design it to your personal taste and then use it to talk with and think about working at Mirabeau. As if there is anything to think about πŸ˜‰

So why rubber duckies???

Rubber duckies help you out when nobody’s around to talk you through a problem. Never heard of β€œRubber Ducking”? Look it up! It’s a thing!

The idea is simple: talking with somebody to solve a problem always helps, because halfway through the explanation you already know the answer, right? So why not use a cute little rubber ducky? Super useful when nobody is around!

So, get your blank rubber ducky, for you to design however you like, just like your next job @ Mirabeau!